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What is Modern Danish Design?

The Danish modern era stems from the evolution of Denmark’s rich heritage of furniture design, led by architects and designers graduating from Denmark’s iconic Royal Academy of Fine Art, which was founded in 1754. Whilst early Danish furniture reflected the styles of their European cousins, from Baroque to Rococo and Neo-Classical, the 1920s and 1930s created a new demand for simple, well proportioned furniture. Danish furniture makers focused on the process of craftsmanship and their designs were featured during the Cabinetmakers Guild annual exhibitions from 1926-1966. Many notable designers such as the Hans Wegner and Borge Mogensen rose to prominence due to their winning designs, allowing them to develop their prototypes into production units. Their designs utilised natural materials and simple forms devoid of prevention and usually without ornament, using important materials such as imported teak from Thailand, and rosewood from Brazil. The rich patina of the woods and the superior grains gave the furniture an elegant and luxurious look, thus naturally positioning them at the higher end of the market. Sporting understated and sophisticated designs, this has allowed for Danish design to transcend time-specific trends, with unrestored vintage furniture often valued higher than restored pieces due to their provenance and exclusivity.

What is Danish Vintage Design?

Historically, it takes 100-150 years for furniture design movements to change significantly, meaning if modernism began after the Second World War, we are still undergoing constant development and transition. This means the time is opportune for collecting important pieces from the mid century modern furniture movement. The collection of Vintage Danish Furniture design is an area that has taken off significantly. In 1999, Phillips Auction started in a big way, followed by Wright in 2000 and Sothebys in 2003. People are conceiving a new way of living with art as well as design, thus making authentic vintage furniture and in particular Danish vintage design not only an aesthetic pursuit, but a worthwhile investment as well.

1B2G’s collection of Vintage Danish Furniture

We are pleased to present a selection of stellar Danish modern pieces with a strong emphasis on the design masters Poul Kjaerholm , Hans Wegner and Preben Fabricus & Jorgen Kastholm. These fantastic pieces sit alongside lighting works by Poul Henningsen and Verner Panton.

Please come and visit us at The Modern Space and immerse yourself in Vintage Danish Furniture design in Singapore.

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